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Comprehensive Wealth Management

There are a staggering number of product types and investment options.  Many have been “sold” without a comprehensive plan or purpose in place.  Our Guided Portfolio Solutions are designed to provide peace of mind, while balancing risk tolerance and objectives with efficient portfolio blends.  GPS utilizes the investment discipline of Modern Portfolio Theory and strategic asset allocation.  This discipline mandates that each piece of the investment puzzle has a specific purpose. 


Financial Planning

From retirement planning (see below) to education savings, tax implications, and estate planning, GPS understands that each client has unique needs and priorities.  Our goal is to provide Guided Personalized Solutions that help you arrive at your financial goals and objectives.  


Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans are provided to individuals as well as employers (i.e. 401ks).  Knowing if, how, and when to retire is crucial.  Individual savings as opposed to group pension plans are now the norm.  Let GPS help you with your individual retirement plan options.


Services on employer sponsored plans include; plan design and implementation, investment policy statements and investment selection, and coordination with TPA’s and record-keepers.  Ongoing services include employee education and enrollment meetings, as well as trustee/fiduciary plan reviews.

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